Sam Sly

Hi, I am a lifestyle blog editor, freelance writer and product reviewer with training or experience in technical writing, customer service, event planning, and social media promotion. I have also participated in beta testing and secret shopping.

From my experience as a product reviewer, blogger and tester I frequently see issues with product description pages, poor use of hashtags on social media and other easy to fix issues. I love working with creative inventors and business people. I would love to offer reasonably priced, honest proof reading and feedback on campaign listings.

As a blogger, I am also interested in doing sponsored blog or social media posts to promote active campaigns if they would interest my readers. My readers have broad interests, but I would need to reserve this service for products that are a good fit. My blog topics typically include fitness tech, consumer tech, cooking, fitness, wellness, relaxation, beauty and style. Healthy, environmentally friendly or energy efficient home products are also of interest.

I frequently am commissioned for sponsored social media shares on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. I would love to offer reasonably priced social media promotion packages.

I frequently review products. I would provide honest reviews in some cases for payment and in others for product only. The details will depend on the purpose of the review, venue where it will be published, and other details. My reviews are fair and include pros and cons for each product. I would give the sponsor feedback before publishing especially in the case of a product that is in development.

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