Charles L.

I am very interested in writing and technology. As such there is a great synergy with my interests and kickstarter. But as I began to get more interested in kickstarter, I began to see certain patterns emerge. I've used those to stay away from projects that have low completion rates, and it has worked well: out of ~400 projects backed, I've had less than 10 completely fail to launch. That is not to say that some aren't slow. The way this is handled can turn the project from excitement to a nightmare.

From this experience, I've seen ways that you can have your backers behind you- from project inception, to project funding, through good and bad news during fulfillment, and finally, to getting the product into the backers' hands. It's not luck- it's a science, that takes knowledge, determination, and patience. And I can help with that process.
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Gleb Teplitsky Campaign Report Card ★★★★★ Charles responded very quickly and gave a very in-depth feedback! Worth every dollar!

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