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BackerHack brings together the most experienced backers in the world and gives you an opportunity to get their expert help in making your Kickstarter and Indiegogo project a success. Serial backers and other services providers offer gigs in BackerHack to give you the support you need to make your funding goal. From advice to marketing to graphic design and video services...get the help you need to succeed here!

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Twitter promotion to audience of 288k!
Do you have a cool Kickstarter or IndieGogo project, and need a little promotion on social media? For $45, I will tweet about your project through my personal account (288k followers and counting!) two times (2 tweets). My account: **RANKED #5,701 WORLDWIDE** most valuable Twitter account in the world (according to TwitterCounter). My Twitter account followers are an audience mostly of video and board gamers, but also a large selection of entrepreneurs and startup techies. Deliverables: You will receive reporting of impressions and engagements (including click-throughs) to you upon completion. I guarantee 5k minimum average impressions per tweet, though they are usually way higher. If this fails to meet this average, I will add an additional tweet to boost the total impressions above 10k. If you would like to boost impressions beyond a single request (Twitter ad campaign boosting individual tweets), contact me for further details. I'm open to suggestions. If you want a better value deal, check out my larger Twitter package here: *I usually only need 4 days to deliver, and I reserve the right to cancel a request at my discretion for a full refund back to you. This is to ensure I feel it is in line with my audience and feels honest in my promotion (If I honestly like the project and can say I am truly interested in it, I will promote it and vice-versa).
Delivered in 7 days
By Cade Peterson
Cade Peterson Backed 237 projects
Chief Executive of P.R. & Marketing
Hi There, I hold the position of the Chief Executive for P.R. & Marketing for a Worldwide Fortune 500 Company. I am in charge of the European Sector for the Company, which means I travel allot, which in turn leaves me with allot of time to review your Project, Video & Story Page. I'm obviously unable to name the Company but is one that is known 'Universally!' In the Entertainment World. I have been in the industry for the past 30 years so have dealt with all sorts of Projects & Product launches. I can show you how to generate more interest, launch your Project on relevant websites & blogs. I can offer advice for any Project but specialise in Design & Technology. I can offer you advice on how to offer marketing strategies to create more Backers for your Project. I have personally Backed over 600 Projects on different Crowd Funding Platforms. I'm a Professional Member of TrendHunter. I'm able to offer advice on how your Project Story Page looks, your Video, the Rewards & how you best communicate for your Project. I can help monitor the 'mood' of Backers & 'squash' any problems before anything major starts for 48hrs. Now is a very difficult time to start a Project due to certain issues on both Kickstarter & IndieGoGo so I can advise you on any insider topics to cover & which to miss! I am also a BETA Tester for a number of Electronics Companies & an Amazon Vine Member so am happy to review your Project's Item. I'm happy to pay to have items shipped to & from me, within reason! I have experience in Google Adwords so am able to help you write any copy that is needed & give you advice on which words to use. After successfully helping over 70 Projects through BackerHack you can rest assure that your Project will be in knowledgeable & safe hands! Why try the rest when you can have the best?! Please get in touch for any further assistance or if you have any questions. My Price covers an initial fee which covers me to do a full review of your Project as it stands & offers advice on how & where to improve on things. Then I will reply to any questions you may have regarding my review - if you wish advice throughout the Project's Time, we can arrange more ideas & advice on an Adhock Payment or on a Project Advisor commission to cover the whole run of your Project time. Many Thanks, Kind Regards, Nick
Delivered in 2 days
By Nick Martin
Nick Martin Backed 789 projects

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Who are the experts about what will be appealing to backers? Of course, the backers themselves! BackerHack allows you to connect directly with expert backers who can give you the advice you need to make your project succeed. Need help with your pricing structure or reward offerings? Need someone who has backed 500 projects to review your video? Plus, in BackerHack you can find other expert service providers who can help you with your video editing, graphic design and marketing needs for your project.