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As a serial backer with more than 400 projects across numerous platforms I have an opinion on just about everything. Is your product the greatest thing since sliced bread or is it an accident waiting to happen? I will tell you exactly what i think of your product. This can include but its not limited too: Marketability, Look, Size, Functionality, Price Point, Construction, or even your ability to pull it off. Am i always right? No, I remember not pledging for an original M3d Micro because i thought they were promising way more than they could deliver. To my credit they went way past their promised delivery date due to dozens of unforeseen problems. They were only able to pull it off because of how successful there campaign had been. But I also passed on the Tiko because i believed they were wasting too much time making every part of their machine a custom proprietary piece. I believed that this would be there downfall, and it was. Normally delivered within 24hrs except on weekends.
Delivered in 3 days
By Ian Hamilton ★★★★★
Ian Hamilton Backed 419 projects
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