Seasoned Crowd Funding Backer
I have Backed over 600 Projects on different Crowd Funding Platforms. I'm able to offer advice on how your Project Story Page looks, your Video, the Rewards & how you best communicate for your Project. I'm able to monitor your Comments page GMT Hours - so whilst you sleep I'm able to offer a Front for the Project & answer any questions that Backers have - if I'm unable to answer certain questions I will offer you an 'overnight' summary email with points raised & any questions that need answering. Please get in touch for any further assistance or if you have any questions. After successfully helping over 70 Projects through BackerHack you can rest assure that your Project will be in knowledgeable & safe hands! Many Thanks, Kind Regards, Nick
Delivered in 2 days
By Nick Martin ★★★★★
Nick Martin Backed 762 projects
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