10 Tweets in 10 Days to 46000 Followers!
I will write and post 10 Tweets about your campaign in 10 days to over 46,000 Twitter followers. Get GREAT bonuses too! My Twitter account is one of the TOP 100,000 accounts in the WORLD!!! ***BLOCKCHAIN and technology Kickstarters preferred. My followers are generally into tech. *This gig is for marketing and promotion only. I do not guarantee that you will raise any additional funds. *I reserve the right to cancel a request at my discretion for a full refund back to you. This is to ensure I feel it is in-line with my audience and feels honest in my promotion (If I honestly like the project and can say I am truly interested in it, I will promote it and vice-versa).
Delivered in 11 days
By Peter Trapasso ★★★★★
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