Review of campaign, and best practices
I have 20+ years in the IT industry specializing in ecommerce, management of phone and email support centers, running websites and forums,and did performance, QA, and user acceptance testing. I also wrote best practices and performance publications for IBM and other industry leaders. I have been involved with Kickstarter since the beginning, and backed 200+ Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. Typically in the tech, photography, art, edc, clothing, and outdoor products, etc. I actively participate in the comments section and fully back the campaigns I'm involved with. I can do a review of your campaign and offer suggestions about pricing, stretch goals, shipping, how to handle backers during and after the campaign. I can also help deal with typical backer issues in the comments section. If it is a product I'm interested in, I will participate as a backer. I can also provide product reviews. I'm disabled/retired, so I have plenty of time to offer suggestions for your campaign. I want to see campaigns succeed. I hate to see campaigns become dominated by backers instead of the creators. I can help keep that to a minimum. I have set the time to deliver at 3 days, but it could range from a single day to several days. I prefer to work with creators to improve their campaigns which typically requires some communication in both directions. Extra work can be negotiated.
Delivered in 7 days
By Ron Hollatz ★★★★★
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