5 Tweets to over 256k Twitter followers!
RANKED #6,773 WORLDWIDE most valuable Twitter account in the world (according to TwitterCounter). (Do the math—THIS IS THE BEST TWITTER SUPPORT GIG OFFERED: Total impressions + total social media reach for the cost. Plus I'm very easy to work with and go the extra mile—read my reviews.) I will create 5 Tweets about your campaign delivered over 10-14 days to over 256,000 Twitter followers. My Twitter account is: https://twitter.com/CadeRageous (look me up and see for yourself!) To maximize value and boost click-through rates, I will also include a selected image and tracking link to improve click-throughs while measuring them too. Audience: My Twitter account followers are an audience mostly of video and board gamers, but also a large selection of entrepreneurs and startup techies. Deliverables: You will receive reporting of impressions and engagements (including click-throughs) to you upon completion. I guarantee a minimum of 5k impressions average per tweet, though they're usually much higher. If the average falls below that, I will add additional Tweets, free of charge to meet this guarantee. *If you would like to boost impressions beyond a single request or request an alternative offering (using a paid Twitter campaign promoting individual tweets), contact me for further details. I'm open to suggestions. *I reserve the right to cancel a request at my discretion for a full refund back to you. This is to ensure I feel it is in-line with my audience and feels honest in my promotion (If I honestly like the project and can say I am truly interested in it, I will promote it and vice-versa).
Delivered in 14 days
By Cade Peterson ★★★★★
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